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Business Opportunities with BAI Services Inc.

We are looking for Business Partners / Licensees locally or global to be part of a growing demand for building inspectors & environmental consultants. Low investment - and a HUGE potential rate of return. Contact us direct for more details on how to get started today!


The inspection industry is booming and a shortage, nationwide has left the need for qualified companies and inspectors like never before. In this unique industry you can be your own boss, earn a comfortable living all while helping people protect and preserve the investments of a lifetime.

Do you have what it takes to be a successful building inspector? Are you the kind of person who: Doesn't want to be tied to a desk all day,  Has a desire to run a small business, Is interested in construction and how things work, Has a technical mind and likes to figure things out, Is organized and clear-thinking, Enjoys meeting and helping people, and Is willing to learn and take initiative?

Prior experience in the construction industry is not a requirement for success. Home inspection is evolving rapidly beyond the days when a guy in dirty coveralls would arrive in a pickup truck between stops at construction sites to poke around a house for a while, mumble a few things, and then hand over a scrap of paper with a few notes scribbled on it.

Today's computer-sophisticated home buyers expect a professional appearance, a professional inspection, and a professional report (and don’t much care whether their inspector is male or female. The key word is professional.

To get started you need to have enough money stockpiled to pay your rent or mortgage for several months. You need to have enough set aside so you and your family can eat. You need to have enough to keep the kids in school and gas in the car.

Certainly, if you have a spouse who has a steady job, that income will become more important as you start up your new business. Or you might consider initially experiencing the home inspection business on a part-time basis if you can work it around your current job or another steady source of income. Like most things in life, it’s not as easy as it seems. There are complicating factors. First, you don’t get to make an inspection in a vacuum. There are other people involved, watching you and waiting for your report, and most definitely evaluating your performance. Your clients may expect you to have X-ray vision, to be all-knowing, and to guarantee the future. It will be your first task to explain the limits of the standard home inspection.

Second, most inspections are an integral part of a real estate transaction. The results could make or break a deal, or cause it to be renegotiated. There’s no question that things can get strange when people and money are involved. If this sounds like you, then now is the perfect time to start taking steps toward a challenging and rewarding career in the inspection industry.

Your investment of $21,295 includes the essential everything needed to launch your inspection speciality business. Because our focus is on your long-term business success, we put our efforts into helping you get the most value out of your licensees investment.

  1. Use of the BAI Services Inc. name and Logo
  2. An exclusive territory
  3. Training
  4. A week of field training with an BAI mentor -with transportation, room and board included.
  5. Laptop computer loaded with BAI Services Inc. proprietary inspection software
  6. Paid first year insurance up to $2,000 Money towards memberships in a local professional trade organization
  7. Home inspection tools and supplies i.e. digital camera, gas sniffer, voltage meters, air testing equipment.
  8. Home inspection and maintenance guides, reference manuals, business forms and office software.
  9. Marketing materials including brochures, business cards, letterhead and much, much more.
  10. Web site
  11. Annual meeting with education and networking opportunities
  12. Referral program leads
  13. BAI Services Inc. logo patches vehicle signs.


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