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CNN Top Stories:
A censure could cripple Trump"s hopes of confronting Iran and be a loss of face for him and his son-in-law
10/19/2018 1:02 AM
The Trump White House may have too much at stake to make Saudi Arabia pay a proportionate price for the apparent murder of Jamal Khashoggi. ...Read More
Turkish officials had an early suspicion that Khashoggi was killed
10/19/2018 3:18 AM
Turkish officials suspected within hours of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi"s disappearance that he had likely been killed, CNN has learned. ...Read More
US takes a tougher stance on Saudi Arabia as evidence mounts
10/19/2018 1:53 AM
Washington has hardened its stance over Saudi Arabia"s role in journalist Jamal Khashoggi"s apparent death as new details emerged linking his disappearance to people close to the kingdom"s crown prince. ...Read More
Anderson Cooper dissects Trump"s reaction to Saudi probe
10/19/2018 12:02 AM
CNN"s Anderson Cooper discusses the fairness of the Khashoggi investigation and the theory of "rogue killers" that President Trump has been resorting to. ...Read More
Saudi officer "pivotal" in apparent assassination, source says
10/18/2018 9:23 PM
Saudi intelligence officer and former diplomat Maher Abdulaziz Mutreb played a "pivotal role" in the apparent assassination of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, a source familiar with the Turkish investigation has told CNN. ...Read More
Hear Jamal Khashoggi"s powerful final op-ed
10/18/2018 9:04 AM
CNN"s Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto read Jamal Khashoggi"s final column for the Washington Post. The column, entitled "What the Arab World Needs Most is Free Expression," was filed just days before he disappeared. ...Read More
Trump praises congressman for assaulting reporter
10/18/2018 9:28 PM
President Donald Trump praised Montana Republican Rep. Greg Gianforte for assaulting a reporter during his campaign last May, saying "any guy who can do a body slam ... he"s my guy" and made a gesture mimicking a body slam. ...Read More
John Bolton and John Kelly get into heated shouting match
10/18/2018 5:25 PM
...Read More
Opinion: The really shocking part of the White House shouting match
10/18/2018 8:19 PM
National security adviser John Bolton and White House chief of staff John Kelly got into a shouting match outside the Oval Office on Thursday, according to reports from CNN and Bloomberg. Profanities rang through the West Wing and staffers began to speculate as to which of the two officials, arguably the two top White House aides to the President, ...Read More
Texas Democratic Senate candidate would vote to impeach Trump
10/18/2018 7:40 PM
Texas Democratic Senate candidate Beto O"Rourke said at a CNN town hall Thursday night that he would still vote to impeach President Donald Trump. ...Read More
Van Jones taken aback by Pat Robertson comment
10/18/2018 10:45 PM
CNN"s Van Jones reacts to Pat Robertson"s controversial comment about the Khashoggi crisis. ...Read More
Jason Chaffetz poses with Native American statue to mock Elizabeth Warren
10/18/2018 4:18 PM
Former Utah Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz posted a photo of himself Thursday with a wooden Native American statue in an attempt to mock Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren. ...Read More
Nikki Haley delivers zingers at fundraiser
10/18/2018 10:44 PM
Outgoing United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley joked Thursday during the annual Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner that the organizers had "wanted an Indian woman, but Elizabeth Warren failed her DNA test." ...Read More
Man confesses to 30-year-old killing. Police say he is a suspect in more deaths
10/19/2018 12:49 AM
A Pennsylvania man serving life in prison for the grisly murder of his wife and stepdaughter has confessed to another killing, resolving a cold case from the 1980s, officials said Thursday. ...Read More
Kim Jong Un"s audacious gesture to Pope
10/18/2018 5:31 PM
Kim Jong Un invited Pope Francis to visit North Korea. CNN"s Brian Todd has the details. ...Read More

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